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How to check if a viable is even or odd

Oldest question in the history of humanity… If the number is even, the remainder after the division by 2 is zero, and 1 if the number is odd, so using rem function (which actually calculates the remainder of the division between … Continue reading

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How to rotate a simple plot

Some times you would need to rotate your figure to display the axis rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise. The easiest way to do this rotating the view. You can do this using the command view as follows: view([-90 90]) If you … Continue reading

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How to determine if the input is a scalar real number

Some times it is interesting to know whether the input is a scalar real number, as for example if we are trying to introduce the sampling frequency of a sequence. We can use some of the following commands: isscalar:   … Continue reading

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How to check array dimensions

There are a few matlab commands to determine array size or shape: length:  finds the number of elements along the largest dimension of an array. ndims:  returns the number of dimensions of the array. size:      returns the sizes of each … Continue reading

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